Thursday, October 15, 2009

Otters Grow Their Own

Fall greens in an Otters' allotment plot

Below is an article recently submitted to The Sounder


Sustainability seems to be one of this year’s big buzzwords and locally grown produce is likely to come up in just about every conversation centered around that topic. 2009 has seen more Gabriolans growing their own vegetables and business at island garden suppliers is brisk. One group of individuals with an eye to the future and their hands in the soil is The Otters at The Commons. They are 30 or so folks who have signed up for a 400 square foot allotment plot in a large square field at the south end of the property. The beaver pond provides irrigation via strategically placed taps and a fence keeps the deer at bay. Everything’s organic and the variety is astonishing. An intrepid few are experimenting with things like peanuts under glass, and peas in elevated enclosures, while others are growing traditional vegetables with great success. One gardener recently harvested 200 pounds of potatoes and 50 pounds of winter squash from just one half an allotment. In midsummer, the field was breathtaking in its beauty and its bounty. Some gardeners even took to bringing basket dinners complete with wine and cloth napkins for an al fresco evening meal amongst the plants. Sounds nice eh? Interested in a plot of your own? The Commons Farm Management Team is considering enlarging the allotment field, a decision that will likely be based upon community interest. So call Robbie Huston at 247-0242 to get your name on the list of would-be Otters.