Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pond Levels

On 21 July, a depth gauge was installed in the pond to monitor rainfall and water levels. Here are the figures through 18 August

21 July > 6'8"
04 August > 6'2"
10 August > 6'0"
18 August > 5'10"

Levels are obviously falling but not dramatically and we have had rain recently so things are looking good in the water department. Thanks to Ken Capon for engineering skills and measurements.

Dragon Garden Update

Thanks to all the volunteers who have worked so hard to make the Dragon Garden happen. The raised beds are in place and planted and our seniors are enjoying them on a daily basis. Pictured here is local artist Rick Cranston who created this beautiful arbor out of driftwood from Gabriola beaches. Assembled with only 25 screws, it makes a nice entrance to the Dragon Garden from the allotment plots and PHC gardens.

The Plotters Rock!

More photos from the allotment plots

Heide's Carrots

The allotment gardens are really producing!